Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Octavio Paz: it?s about imitating nature. Not, of course, its appearance – a native attemp at realism but, instead, the way it functions: using chaos, calling on chance, insisting on the imperceptible, favoring the unfinished. Alternating the strong, contonuous and virile with the interrupted and feminine. Making theater with the unity of all phenomena. Forget everything else, but there isn?t anything else. Severo sarduy

Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Octavio Paz: se trata de imitar a la naturaleza. Pero por supuesto no en su apariencia -proyecto del realismo ingenuo- sino en su funcionamiento: utilizar el caos, convocar el azar, insistir en lo imperceptible, privilegiar lo inacabado. Alternar lo fuerte continuo y viril, con lo interrumpido y femenino. Teatralizar la unidad de todos los fenmenos. Olvidar el resto, pero no hay resto. Severo Sarduy


players: Wade Matthews: Bass Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Alto Flute & Synthesizers , Baldo Martinez: Double Bass and Processed Double Bass, Pedro Lpez: Percussion, Electronic Percussion, Synthesizers, Magnetic Tapes

label: hyades arts

ref: hyCD14DI


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