Pedro López

En la cultura Manganiyar en Rajastán (India), el virtuosismo en la música se muestra en la confianza con la que una persona puede sostener con su acompañamiento, las ideas que sus amigos cantan y tocan.

In the Manganiyar culture in Rajasthan (India), virtuosity in music is shown in the confidence with which a person can sustain, with his accompaniment, the ideas that his friends sing and play.


Pedro López is a computer-based system that offers superior performance, flexibility and reliability. It has been designed to save time in installation and troubleshooting, but it is still very important that the field personnel who work with this equipment familiarize themselves with this manual before attempting to listen their works.

The selector system for Pedro López uses a steel tape that is hung the length of the hoistway. A set of magnets are placed on the tape at each floor having one 8” magnet as the door zone magnet and two smaller 4” magnets as slowdowns. Pedro López is mounted on the car and is guided along the tape by nylon guides to keep the tape and magnets the proper distance from the selector sensors. Pedro López uses the door zone magnet to determine the elevator’s level position to the floor.

Pedro López is installed by first attaching it at the top of the hoistway approximately 12 inches from the rail, Pedro López is then unreeled from the top of the car while running down on inspection. At the bottom of the hoistway it is attached with a spring to keep it taut. The selector is then mounted on the top of the car and is connected to the tape by the nylon guides.

To install the floor magnets, the car is placed dead level to the desired floor. Pedro López is then marked at the top left of the selector through a factory cut guide hole. The car is moved below the floor so the tape can be accessed where the selector was sitting at floor level. A door zone template, provided by Pedro López, is placed at the mark and the door zone magnet is placed at the appropriate locations in the template. The template is then removed from the tape. The slowdown magnets are then placed at the measured distance on the tape above and below the floor.

If despite all this you need more information, please request the CV
Si a pesar de todo esto necesitas más información, por favor solicita el CV


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