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Modisti is a sound area of a very complex and yet simple world. It is what we can no longer remedy, what comes out in such a way because that’s the way we are and nowadays, in this day and age, it couldn’t be in any other way. Our trajectory, what we have tried to do in order to get closer to ourselves once transcended each stage of our evolution shown through sound vibration.
Belma Martín & Pedro López.
The form may change at every instant, but in the same way that we accept and include this vertigo in our daily activity, we also accept to sort out this aspect in the music in the same way.
This kind of sample is made from innumerable points of view; the thrill produced by living in a medium which is generally highly mediated by ideologties and unshared forms, and the excitement produced, on the other hand by creating a daily living full of interchangeable personal guarantees, with full a complete autonomy in the choice of what we feel is best suited for the developement of our own individuality/totality.
It is like what lays between the shell and the seed of certain fruits. The result as such it isn’t more than a mere snapshot of the creative process of two people that investigate in innumerable fields of music. Everything that relates to comunication through what they know best; the meaning of living and of being awake

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