Metalogic is part of logic semiotics, that is; of the branch of semiotics that deals with the study of logical signs in general. Metalogic is a metalanguage and as such it has the three dimensions of every metalanguage: The syntactic, semantic and pragmatic dimensions. We might have had the conscious purpose of attaining a musical product, and perhaps even the conscious purpose of carrying it out.

But during the course of our work we necessarily had to loosen that arrogance in favour of a creative experience in which the conscious mind played only a small part. We could say that during this process we have had to experience ourselves -the whole of our personality- as a cybernetical model.

Our conscious purposes are just fragments and pieces. The systemic view is always something different. This simply is a synchronic cut made during that process. No meaning must be looked for in the expression itself, but rather look within ourselves, in our minds, which wake to the same experience. It is our comprehension and not the meaning of language what reflects the ideas and not the experienced feelings.

“You are the music,
while the music lasts.
There are only hints and guesses,
hints followed by guesses;
and the rest is prayer, observance, discipline, thought and action.”
(T.S. Elliot)

Mit “Metalogic” bezeichnet man jenen Teil der logischen Semiotik, der sich mit der logischen Zeichensetzung im Allgemeinen auseinandersetzt. “Metalogic” ist eine Metasprache und vereinigt in sich die syntaktische, die semantische und die pragmatische Dimension des zu beschreibenden. In ihrem StŸck “Metalogic” haben Belma Mart’n und Pedro L—pez versucht eine musikalische †bersetzung fŸr die Metasprache “Metalogic” zu finden. Im Studio mu§ten die beiden KŸnstler jedoch feststellen das der musikalische Bewu§twerdungsprozess ein weniger systematischer sondern viel eher ein fragmentarischer ist.

“Metalogic” ist eine Koproduktion des spanischen Rundfunks und des CDMC, des “Center for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music”.
“Metalogic” is a co-production of Spanish National Radio and CDMC (Center for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music).

players: Belma Martín, voice
Pedro López, home-made instruments & electronics