307 Hasta que tu corazón se pone al ritmo


Sound spatialization work on the 307 Session, recorded by el Intruso @ El Planeta de los Wattios.

In order to listen the 5.1 version, is necessary to have a multichannel audio card and have configured the system properly.
If you meet these requirements and still can not listen to the files in 5.1 may be that the browser you are using is not supported because software vendors have not agreed on this point.

In this case, alternatively you can download this playlist and play it with VLC.


Everything improvised by:

Juan Calvi:
Tenor & soprano sax & flute

el intruso:

Pedro López : drums
Javi: Bass & Processes
Sam: Guits Rhodes and voice
Hectruso: Moog

5.1 surround & Binaural mix by Pedro López

5.1 Surround Parte 1

[videojs mp4=”https://copy.com/LUUbWBWeBSDtngEV/307_5.1_Surround_part1.m4a?download=1″ width=”340″ height=”34″ preload=”auto” controls=”true”]
5.1 Surround Parte 2

[videojs mp4=”https://copy.com/3ovMAwnM2IHx8vpg/307_5.1_Surround_part2.m4a?download=1″ width=”340″ height=”34″ preload=”auto” controls=”true”]
Binaural Parte 1

Binaural parte 1

Binaural parte 2

Binaural parte 2

Binaural recordings are reproductions of sound the way human ears hear it. In fact, the word “binaural” literally just means “using both ears.” When you listen to a binaural recording through headphones, you perceive distinct and genuine 360° sound.