The Lunatic


* Dark chocolate covered goji berries – They are so yummy. Plus, goji berries are packed with antioxidants, so they are a great, almost guilt-free, snack. (People in Cape Town can buy them from Wellness Warehouse)

* Strapless black dresses – I just keep seeing pretty ones I want. Currently I am lusting after the two-piece ruffled black dress (designed by Zac Posen for Target) that I saw on Selma Blair (pictured above). I also found out that you can remove the puffy skirt to reveal a sleeker dress undeneath (how perfect! ). It costs $80 and can be bought online at *le sigh * I want one.

* Morning gym – Ok its not really a full blown addiction yet – as I have only done morning gym 3 times this week – but I am hoping it will become something I get into the habit of doing and enjoying alot more.

* My new bag – The Boyf recently bought me a Nine West, cross body bag (the same as the one in above pic, but mine is black) and I adore it. Its so versatile and is not as big as my last favourite bag – which is good as its teaching me to carry less stuff around.

* Chocolate croissants – Lately I have been craving them alot (even right now I am wishing I had one). I love how perfectly they go with coffee and how totally decadent they are.