“Con la energía apagada, pronto no tendría agua saliendo de su grifo. Dependerá de sus vecinos para obtener comida y algo de calor. Se desnutrirá. No sabrá si quedarse o irse. Temerá ser asesinado violentamente antes de morir de hambre”.

“With the power down, soon you wouldn’t have water coming out of your tap. You will depend on your neighbours for food and some warmth. You will become malnourished. You won’t know whether to stay or go. You will fear being violently killed before starving to death”.

Jem Bendell

All improvised by:

Gabo Flores/a: flutte
Juan Manuel Lopez: virtual instruments
Juan Carlos Castillo: piano, samples
Pedro Lopez: drums

Pedro Lopez: drums

Ondequetametio: video edition


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